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Promotions/Special Events
SWATS Enterprises can plan and create your company's promotional campaigns and special events. Additionally, since we host numerous events around the country, we can use the SWATS signature events to promote your goods and/or services. We use our street teams to distribute fliers, posters, and other promotional items and to advertise your special events. And we will put our nationwide direct, mailing lists to work for you.

4th Annual Alfred"Tup" Holmes
Charity Golf Classic
Atlanta, GA

Corporate Sponsorships
Whether you are an event planner seeking corporate sponsors or corporate sponsors seeking high impact and high exposure, we can fulfill your needs. Through our combined, ten year history we possess the relationships with event planners and sponsors alike.

Public Relations/Publicity
We get articles placed in local, regional, and national magazines.

Product Sampling
We can sample your companies products, goods and/or services at our SWATS Signature Events or through our vast network of event planners that host numerous events globally.

The Best Damn New Years Eve Party
SWATS 13th Annual New Years Eve

Celebrity Appearances
We put our relationships with celebrities to work for our clients. We have established relationships with music, and film celebrities as well as athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS and others. We place client goods and products with these celebrities to increase brand awareness and/or event attendance.

Interactive Marketing
We put technology to work for you through use of our extensive e-mail database, iternet street teams, and our vast "cyberfamily" to work for you.

Advertising & Design
Let Swats creative team design and write copy for your next advertising campaign. Additionally, our film and audio division can design TV and Radio commercials for our clients.

Vernon Jones Golf Tourney 2004
3rd Annual Vernon Jones Fundraising Golf Tourney @ Stone Mountain

Website Design & Maintenance
Let us use our technology resources to work for you. We will work with you to creatively design your website, maintain your website and attract visitors to your website.

Concert Planning
Let SWATS plan your ideal concert with the artist(s) of your choice. Whether jazz, R & B, Rap, Pop, or your favorite musician. SWATS will professionally produce your cocert and manage the day-of operationsl.

Quantitative Research
SWATS Will organize and implement focus groups to put the power of research to work for you.


Banner Ad: Include a banner ad with your company event or logo, title of event or company tag line, and link to event information related to your company or event. Place your banner ad on pages that are most appropriate for your campaign. Banner ads can be placed in either our (1) local, (2) national, or (3)website. Banners shall not be bigger than 125 X 125 and should be emailed to [email protected]

Website Ad : Give special attention to your branding message, events, or company at the top portion of one of the SWATS.COM pages. SWATS has different sections of the site dedicated to different areas: travel, parties, business, culture, and community service. Your feature could be placed on the page that is most appropriate for your company's objectives. Included will be a teaser sentence, an image, and links to more information about your company or event.

Calendar of Events: Your event is listed on the SWATS.COM calendar of events. Take advantage of the traffic of up to 50,00 unique visitors and up to 2 million hits per month. Your listing will include information about your event as well as a full description of the purpose and amenities of the event. This will incent people to attend. To add more focus to your event, a graphic of your flyer, logo, or event picture is included with your listing. Events that are included on our website, are emailed to our distribution in those cities.

Travel Listings @ SWATS.com: Let SWATS know about your Cruise, Ski trips, Caribbean Get-a-ways, overseas explorations, and more can be advertised through our website and email.

Website Exchange Program: SWATS.com has affiliate relationships and links with some of the best websites in the African American community including, EverythingBlack.com, BuyBlackMovies.com, FunkJazzKafe.com, First Fridays USA, First Fridays United, PartyPromotions.com, ATLClubs.com, BlackCinemaCafe.com, Sippinon Sundays.com, VIPatlanta.com, UrbanHangSuite.com, UrbanPhilly.com, and others.

Market Specific Solo E-mails: Special attention can be given to your events via a solo e-mail. This e-mail lists only your events to the SWATS.COM e-mail distribution and focuses only on your event details and branding message vs. a calendar listing mentioned above. Touch each SWATS member in a specific city or all cities by sending your information directly to them (i.e. Atlanta, New York, Chicago, DC, Philly etc.). It lists all the details of your event or company - especially the call to action (email, phone, or web link). This allows you to track the responses received from SWATS.

National Exclusive Email: Reach the SWATS audience and extended audience and family right at their desktops. Touch each and every Social Stepper by sending a national solo email. It lists all the details of your event or company - especially the call to action (email, phone, or web link). This allows you to track the responses received from SWATS. This is where we put our Internet Street Teams to work.

Email Banner: Include a banner ad with the SWATS email newsletter. Banner will include your company or event logo, title of event or company, tag line, and link to event information related to your company or event. This will give special attention to the event on a highly anticipated email newsletter.

Sell Tickets on TickAnnex.com : Selling your event tickets to the general public has never been easier. Your event can be placed on the TicketAnnex.com ticketing system and sold to your customers via their 24/7 charge-by-phone lines, and through other independent Ticket Center locations and at TicketAnnex.com. Special online promotions can be implemented to generate excitement and move early tickets to your event.

Radio : SWATS can provide you with radio packages at local radio stations, directly targeting your customer base with the power of radio. A selection of on-air spots can be selected from our pre-packaged installments or a specific package can be tailored to meet your budget & needs. Ticket giveaways and on-air promotions can give your events the power to make them successful to the widest audience possible. These services are offered for (a) traditional radio and (b) internet radio.

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