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Sports Related Experience
  • Harold Ellis Youth Basketball Camp (NBA) '95-'99.
  • Alfred "Tup" Holmes Charity Golf Invitational, 1997-'2001.

Special Events Experience

Multi-Media Week. Annual event featuring seminars, music showcase, film festival, unity summit, producer's ball, golf tourney and much more. 2000-2002.

Black Cinema Cafe. Monthly screening of independent black films and films featuring black actors. 2001-2002. SWATS manages the Atlanta event. http://www.BlackCinemaCafe.com 

1stFridaysEssence. National First Friday Event in New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. http://www.1stfridaysessence.com 

P. Diddy All-Star Lounge hosted by Magic Johnson, Ben Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2002.

SWATS New Years Extravaganza 200-2002.

Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association Annual & Midyear Conference(s),1994,1995,1996, 1999

Uplift Productions Annual New Years Eve Extravaganza, '95-'99. First Fridays Atlanta, '96-'99.

"Dirty South" Bowl Bash (featuring Outkast), '99,'00.

Red Hot Mary Series. Series of Parties for Dark & Lovely in New Orleans and in Washington, D.C.

Also See: Event Sponsors

Children's Defense Fund/Black Community Crusade for Children Annual National House Pardy Day, '96,'97.

Wolfpack Enterprises Spring Soiree, '96,'97.

Morehouse Homecoming Annual Alumnus Party, '94-'98.

SWATS Sports Seminar, "Negotiating NFL & NBA Contracts", '96.


Marvin Arrington for Mayor, Campaign '97

  • Web site development and Maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Media Relations
  • Marvin for Mayor Rap CD
  • Local and National Special Events Coordinator

Vince Phillips for City Council, Campaign 2001

  • Web site design, development and Maintenance
  • E-Street Teams
  • Consulting
  • Yard Sign Distribution

Lamar Willis for City Council, Campaign 2001

  • E-Street Teams
  • Flier Distribution
  • Yard Sign Distribution
  • Consulting

Ceaser Mitchell for City Council, Campaign 2001

  • E-Street Teams
  • Flier Distribution
  • Yard Sign Distribution
  • Consulting

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