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  • full service film production including commercials, video's films, DVD'S, short films, feature films, etc.
  • full service film editing
  • distribution solicitation
  • theatrical distribution, video distribution, Pay-Per-View, Pay Cable distribution & Foreign Distribution
  • soundtrack development and consulting
  • marketing through traditional and non traditiotional media including radio, tv, broadcast emails, internet, and internet street teams, etc.
Films currently in production:

Big Ain't Bad (Romantic Comedy, Winter 2002)

Big Ain't Bad is the next great independent movie. It's the number one Romantic Comedy of 2005. Featuring  "Tico Wells from the 5 Heartbeats, Reginald Ballard from Martin, Cory Tyler from A Different World, with  appearances by: Phyllis Yvonne Stickney (Waiting To Exhale), and Kenny Leon, Artistic Director of the Alliance Theater, Director Raisin in the Sun (Broadway. You'll fall in love with the story, characters and movie. It aslso features Montana Taylor and Jemmerio is Jemmerio and is lead by the performance of two strong newcomers Sean Blakemore and Jade Dixon. www.biganitbad.com

Death by Dementia

Death by Dementia documents the personal story of two women diagnosed with Alhziemer's and the personal and emotional relationship on their families.  It is narrated by Greg Alan Williams (Be Cool, Remember the Titans), and features NFL Superstar Terrell Owens as well as many political and community figures.  http://www.lifedreamsentertainment.com.

This movie tells the compelling story of a young college student who travels across the railroad tracks to find out how some people in the city of Atlanta live. What she finds is so revealing it will cause a reaction
from you that's worth waiting for.

  • Marketing & Distribution:
    "Dirty 3rd": Marketing & Video Distribution
  • "One Week": Atlanta Market Manager, Theatrical Distribution
  • "Afrocentricity DVD": Video Distribution
  • "Hell 2 the Naw": Video Distribution
  • "Bar-Be-Q": Video Distribution
  • "To Have & To Hold": Video Distribution
  • "The Best of the Acapulco Black Film Festival": Video Distribution

Special Projects:

Trois: Music Supervisor, Co-Soundtrack Supervisor, 2nd film of Rainforest Films. Rob Hardy & Will Packer.

Black Cinema Cafe: Atlanta Market Manager, monthly screening of independent black films and films featuring Black

Buy Black Movies.com: More movies featuring black Actors and Actresses and filmmakers than anywhere else in the globe.

Atlanta Independent Cinema Festival: Annual Film Festival hosted by SWATS, featuing digital, short, animation, music, feature and international films. This event was hosted, produced and currated by SWATS Enterprises, LLC.

Hip Hop Cinema Festival-Part of the annual Hip Hop Week, hosted in atlanta. This event was hosted, produced and currated by SWATS Enterprises, LLC.


UrbanFilmReview is a national monthly film series that features films from Latin American, African-American, Asian-American and all urban American filmmakers.


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